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Finding Your Voice With a Copywriter

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Life is crazy when you’re a business owner balancing building a successful business with all other aspects of your life. Maybe you think outsourcing something like copywriting is “cheating,” or not worth expending your limited budget. 

Sure, you’re passionate about your work, but do you know how to write about it so that your ideal customer just has to have whatever you’re selling?

If you’re nodding your head ‘yes,’  I’ll tell you a secret: you might be right! 


Why would I, a freelance writer trying to sell you writing services, advocate for you to write your own copy? 

I got into writing copy, and writing in general, because it is an incredibly clarifying and motivating exercise. Finding your brand voice is one of the most gratifying things about the discovery process. And having someone to help you do it doesn’t mean you walk away from the experience with a shiny new website and no idea what your company is about anymore. Quite the opposite. 

Take my recent client, Rachel Lynch of Therapy by Rachel. I worked with her to develop website copy that encapsulated a playful, compassionate tone for her expressive therapies and family systems practice. We pulled apart and explored analogies that she raised in attempts to describe her experience as a behavioral health practitioner and client. While we workshopped the copy, Rachel said this: 

“I definitely want to go through and insert more of my own voice throughout. I love what you did with my suggestion[s]… It would be great if I could go through and add more things like that and then have you run with it.”

And that’s what we did. 

Rachel was responsive and involved in the process. And after we worked together, she felt confident enough to change some things about the copy on her site to make it fit her desired client base and practice even better, all by herself.

This is where the “Without Ego” bit of my business values comes in. Of course I know that after my initial work with a client ends, they are likely to change things about their digital presence as their businesses evolve.  Notwithstanding any changes Rachel made to the site after I signed off, the opportunity to utilize me as a sounding board, to express her wants for her business, and to hear and see language in context was invaluable. While we were in process, she expressed that she loved how I took the time to make her site easy to skim, as a large part of her client base lives with ADHD. She suggested certain terms and phrasing that she felt described her practice, and I had the fun of distilling it all into something that made her the ideal therapist for her preferred clientele.

After all, she had this to say:

“Hi April! I finally published the website and everyone is loving it! Thanks for all your hard work!”

You can visit Rachel and see the results of our collaboration over at Therapy by Rachel. 



If you want to make your website sound like you and no one else, contact me for a web copy quote!

4 Reasons Your Company Needs a Mission Statement

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When you think of a mission statement, you might think of nonprofit organizations or charities before you think of for-profit businesses. Maybe you’ve never thought to write a mission statement for your business before. You might want to consider it though, because business with a cause is the newest evolution of advertising and marketing. “Business as a force for good” is the answer to the 24/7, multidirectional deluge of marketing consumers are subjected to daily. Everything from their morning commutes to the evening news is plastered with sales pitches. 

So, how do you make sure they choose you? Meet consumers right where they are with a clear, compelling mission statement. Here are four reasons why your business needs this powerful bit of language.

  1. Mission-driven is the future of business. 

Consumers are increasingly interested in patronizing businesses with a clear mission and cause that aligns with their own values. Certified B Corporations, for example, are independently certified companies that meet rigorous sustainability, corporate responsibility, and cultural equity standards. Articulating your values in a mission statement also allows your ideal customer a sense of agency and choice; their decision to spend money on your products or services is motivated by a feeling that your business isn’t just out to separate them from their money, but that you share their values. 

  1. Every business can have a mission-driven angle. 

You can be an eco-conscious clothing company, a farm-to-table restaurant, a law firm specializing in workers’ compensation claims, or a community-focused real estate agency. It probably wasn’t just money that motivated you to start your own business. Whatever it was, your ideal customer cares about it too, and needs to know that you walk the walk.

  1. Empathy sells. 

A clear mission makes your business seem more human-run, which translates to more sales. People buy based on emotions, and making a purchase activates the reward centers in the brain. You want the customer journey to be a feel-good experience. When the dopamine wears off, they’re more likely to be a repeat customer if they know you have similar goals and values as they do. 

  1. A clear mission informs the rest of your brand. 

A clear mission statement should be front and center when your customer encounters your business. Using that language throughout your branding materials reinforces your business’s identity and builds credibility. Writing a mission statement when you’re first starting your business or rebranding process can even help you understand what’s important to highlight in the copy, design, and customer experience of your business.

Unsure of your mission-driven angle, or need help writing your mission statement? Reach out to me today to discuss your company’s values and goals. See you on the flipside, with a new, not-so-secret mission.