Company Documents

Not all written word for your business is sales copy. Internal documents, like visioning documents, business plans, non-discrimination policies and Theory of Change, can act as holding spaces for ideas that form the foundation of where your business is headed, and how far you’ve come!

Company documents are clarifying.  They codify what your business is “about” and how you plan to fulfill your mission. 

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Working with April was an experience that was insightful, inspiring, and motivating for my small business vision. April was able to put things into words that I was feeling in my heart, that I wasn’t able to articulate myself but were so on-point for what I wanted to communicate. After working with April I have a streamlined, concise, and beautifully put together visioning document; a living and dynamic manifesto that is the anchor to the direction of my small business. I feel so much more confident in the success of my business and practice. I look forward to continue to work with April on further projects, like website copy and grant writing.