Web Copy

The key to building your business online is compelling web copy that tells your story. I provide your business or  organization with copy that presents a clear and unified message.

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Blog Content

I create engaging, consistent blog content that’s yours, even if social media implodes tomorrow. I love to delve deep into new topics, make connections, and make your blog work for you.

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Grant Writing

Your dreams cost money, and grant writing can be a cumbersome and frustrating process. Let me help assess your project for fit and present the best possible application to grantmakers.

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Sensitivity Reading

Thoughtful representations of underserved communities are crucial to helping us understand the diversity of human experience. Sensitivity reading examines your written materials for potentially harmful bias. 

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Company Documents

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, blank page paralysis is real. Let me synthesize your mission, vision, and values in living  company documents like business plans, employee handbooks, style guides, and visioning documents.

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Case Studies

Case studies are testimonials for skeptics.  Your potential customers want to see the data, but you don’t want their eyes glazing over! Editing Without Ego delivers compelling case studies that your potential clients will want to read.

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Please reach out if you need a copywriting/editing service not listed here. I’m always looking to expand.