About Me

My name is April Crowley. I am the owner of Editing Without Ego.  I am a writer, a reader, and a lover of the arts.  I have a fierce appreciation for clarity of thought and diversity of voices. I believe that socially conscious, intersectional, and cooperative models must be the future of business and nonprofit change-making.

When you work with me, you get…

  • Big-picture thinking: I will ascertain your goals, main ideas, and desired outcomes for the project, and will work with you until you are confident that those outcomes are possible.
  • Deep understanding: I will immerse myself in your work from discovery to delivery. Research is a crucial part of writing well about any topic.
  • Collaborative approach: I value your ideas and expertise, and will strive to make it unmistakable in your written materials. I will also bring my unique perspectives to your work.

I also work in arts management, currently in a nonprofit setting. My grant writing and curatorial experience comes primarily from my work in this industry. For a more specific look at my professional writing and editing experience, click here

About Editing Without Ego

Editing Without Ego helps LGBTQ-inclusive businesses and nonprofit organizations tell their story with intuitive content + copywriting.

This business was born out of a love for writing, an obsession with details, and a desire to bolster support for businesses and organizations run by people with historically marginalized identities.

Tell Your Story

Many people, whether they consider themselves writers or not, carry a lot of fear with them when it comes to expressing themselves in words: they worry that they are not good enough, not smart enough; that they will fail, be laughed at, or be perceived as unintelligent if they share their ideas with others.

I am here to tell you that your ideas have value. If you think you are “not good with words” or feel at a loss to express what matters to your business and your supporters, I am here to help you dispel the fear and tell the story your audience needs to hear.

A professional headshot of April Crowley, owner and editor at Editing Without Ego.
A headshot of the editor and owner of Editing Without Ego, April Crowley. Taken by Sage Orville Shea