About Me

Hi, I’m April! I’m the owner and writer behind Editing Without Ego, and I’m so glad you’re here.
Editing Without Ego creates messaging that inspires for LGBTQ+ and allied founders.

About Me

I’m a writer, a reader, and a lover of the arts. I work in arts management Monday-Friday and on the weekends I love drinking hot beverages and coming up with new and ridiculous nicknames for my stinky dog, Hazel, or spending time with my lovely and gorgeous and not at all stinky spouse, Rory. 


Photos by
Sage Orville Shea

About Editing Without Ego

My vision:

Editing Without Ego imagines a world driven by equity and understanding. We acknowledge that in order for this world to exist, massive change must take place.

I believe in the power of language to change the way we view and move through the world. I seek to support LGBTQ+ and allied business owners and nonprofit organizations in changing the world by encouraging revolutionary business models and empowering founders to fill the gaps they see in our community.

My values:

I believe that all people deserve access to resources and that individuals and communities have different needs. This is equity. 

I believe that we are capable of being who we needed when we were younger and creating the things that are missing from our collective lives. This is self-reliance.

I assert that we are the experts on our own experiences. This is intuition

I believe that tolerance is not good enough. This is celebration

I acknowledge that in order for the world to become more equitable, we need to radically rethink what and who matters. This is revolution



Work With Me!



Working with April was insightful, inspiring, and motivating for my small business vision. April was able to put things into words that I was feeling in my heart, that I wasn’t able to articulate myself but were so on-point for what I wanted to communicate. After working with April I have a streamlined, concise, and beautifully put together Visioning document; a living and dynamic manifesto that is the anchor to the direction of my small business. I feel so much more confident in the success of my business and practice. I look forward to continuing to work with April on further projects. – Julia; Owner, Moon Beam Steams