Where Do I Come Up With This Stuff?!


I am not a morning person. At all. I say regularly that the only thing I want to get up before 6am for is air travel. As the pandemic has pushed that singular motivation further out of reach, I find myself struggling with getting out of bed as early as I need to to accommodate family schedules. 

Oddly, once I am awake, my sleep-addled brain tends to be more creative when it comes to idea generation. Rory (my wife) recently playfully quipped that I am in fact a morning creative. 

I also find that many of the activities I find myself doing while half asleep facilitate ideation due to a large portion of their mental load being second nature. These include activities like showering or driving.

Unfortunately, these activities don’t easily facilitate me writing my more creative ideas down in my bullet journal or adding tasks to Google Keep or Asana. I just recently got fed up with my brain being super productive while driving, and set up my Google Assistant to take voice notes for me, hands free. 

I figure Google has everything they need on me already.

So, now, if you were to listen in on my car rides, you would hear me having whole conversations with myself, but also practically screaming HEY GOOGLE?! at Google Assistant to record my sleepy ideas for blog posts and business systems. 

One of the central lessons I’ve learned as a person with cerebral palsy is to ignore how other people expect you to act if it hinders your ability or comfort. Sit on the curb. Prop yourself up. Always be adapting.

My point? Honor your natural rhythms, and don’t worry about doing things the way others do if your brain doesn’t work like that. 

When do you feel most creative? How do you conceive and remember ideas for your business? Contact me to put your vision into words. Words become actions, actions become profits!

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